While I started writing this blog, it asked me for a title…then my thoughts shifted towards real madrid’s title drought season last year and probably this year(I hope it’s not)…I got no title names to fill in the space for this blog, so I am leaving it just as a “title”…

While benitez was incharge of los blancos, I always thought ” team will get stabilise after some matchdays…I believe in my team…they will get organised and work together” but it never happened. For me the season has never started.

Appointment of zizou obviously bought cheerfulness to the team…but off late it has done no good in away matches in la liga. With 13 matches to go and 9 points off from league leaders FC BARCELONA it’s difficult for zidane’s men to be considered as title contenders.

Yeah I know with all the true madridistas saying” we will fight till the end”…” we will never give up”…this looks good on paper, but the reality is different. The results are not in our hands anymore, even if we conquer nou camp with more than a four goal difference (which will be an uphill task seeing MSN performing in each and every game)…the Catalans will still have an advantage of 6 points, I may sound harsh but this is the truth.

I don’t want to mention players’ performance, because everybody in the team is responsible for everything whether it’s good or bad…you win as a team…you lose as a team…

Come what may I will support my team till the end. Once a madridista always a madridista.

“hala Madrid” ”y nada mas”






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