Trophy Laden or Trophy Drought

When we can win two copa del Rey titles at the home of Valencia..why can’t we win a league game since last two seasons at mestalla. Although Valencia cf boast an unbeaten record at home since 13 months, it was mandatory situation for los bloncos to win and catch up with the league leaders.
Fc Barcelona, Villarreal, Sevilla, Atletico madrid, Valencia cf..all the games against these teams have two things common among them …..and yes you guys guessed it right … Cristiano Ronaldo not making his mark and los merengues not triumphing. If this streak goes awful like this, rafa benitez is never going to win the hearts of Santiago bernabeu faithful. The situation may end up like the story at Chelsea for rafa.. Even if he wins a trophy at the end of the season, he will fail to please the madridismo.
The campaign which started off with solid defensive work to its name is now leaking easy golazos, half of the season has finished and also with no copa del rey matches during the mid weeks in the month of January the team should be able to grab all the three points possible.
I want to know whether this season is trophy laden or trophy drought…only time will tell.


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