SouthAmerican football part-1

Unlike the European giants the football teams from southAmerica have lesser approach to the people here in asia and especially India. I was always fascinated for teams from Latin American countries maybe because of atmosphere they create or the vintage look they present or maybe because of pyro’s which the fans burn at the stadium. This type of atmosphere is very rare in Europe and can be found in the stadium of Turkey giants galatasaray. The teams from these countries boast a rich history and are creators of oldest international football competition COPA AMERICA. They have their own champions league equivalent COPA LIBERTADORES. Uruguay team penarol has been voted as best club of century by FIFA. The documentaries FOOTBALL FACTORIES by Danny dyer helps us get a clear glimpse of football fest on the continent. In Brazil apart from the main league there are also leagues associated with different regions, these leagues also have vast history and also due to the emergence of great no. of teams since start of 19 th century. Also ¬†the no of football players is close to infinity..yes I am seriously stating this fact because the no of legendary players gifted by this continent to the world is unparalleled. Latin Americas is home of football is not a theorem to prove…it’s an axiom to accept. This year River plate has qualified for club world cup CWC and they are going to face Real Madrid’s eternal and arch rivals FC Barcelona. As a Madrid fan I want River plate to win the CWC..hehe..
I hope to write more about the football from this land in the forthcoming blogs.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all the football fans in the world.



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