This is my second blog in relation to my first blog. As u guys knew how dumb I was in understanding cricket scores, but the love for sports has never stopped me from catching a glimpse of them whenever possible. The next big thing that happened was the natwest series in England where whole world was astonisihed seeing ganguly’s antics after the match. That was the scene where I liked his aggressive nature and became his fan, I was following Kolkata knight riders and Pune teams just for him. The aura surrounding him and the way people call him DADA struck a chord with me. This continued with the next big event the CRICKET WORLD CUP 2003. So many memories from that world cup are worth remembering. My daily routine was to see all day matches and extracting all the details about day night matches from my uncle the next day ( yes I used to sleep early…I was a 10 year old kiddo… guys). This followed with me joining a cricket coaching center in 6 th class. It was tough, very tough , but I was just able to keep up with my physical fitness so I can seize the day on a high note. One day coach asked all the students with cricket kits to practice in nets, I was pretty much excited because it was the day the coach actually came to know about me ( as a bad player…lol). We were practising in the nets and I was bowling well and I was able to beat the batsmen thrice in an over. Seeing this one guy ( probably the first team player ) told the coach about me and coach came to see my skills and there it was the downfall of me as a player, I couldn’t bowl a single ball in the line and batsmen were scoring like they just won some lottery.. Man that was the day I decided this is not my cup of tea… I paid for a month of coaching so I had to go even after that incident…the only reason I would go to coaching was to eat samosas at the school canteen, they were really awesome. I will write about how I came to know about football in my next blog…it is quite a roller coaster ride…it’s going to be “wait for it” legendary…



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