Parc des Princes

The most boring aspect of a football match is a goal less draw… people who spend nearly hundred pounds to catch a glimpse of their football superstars are downhearted after a nil-nil draw.. we had two most expensive assembled squads in Europe last night and the match ended without a single goal. From JOSE MOURINHO’S counter attacking real madrid era to CARLO ANCELOTTI’S la decima team, we never had these many goal less draws as much as in rafa’s tenure at the start of the campaign. I know there are matches which are exciting even without goals, and players are a joy to watch..some players mesmerize us with their sheer presence and pure caliber. But at the end what matters the most is golazos (at least for me they matter the most). Coming to the notable points, Varane kept ibrahimovic and cavani in his back pocket for most of the match… and i see a future sergio ramos in him captaining the REAL MADRID side and guiding them to glory. I was awestruck by the dedication of ramos, he completed 90 minutes of play with pain killers on…wow this guy really loves the crest on his chest. As the great TONY ADAMS once said ” Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they’ll remember the name on the back “.




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