With all the people following structured paths already planned even before our life started,sports provides us with interesting theme adding fun to our life.Living in the sub-continent I was in the surroundings where cricket and its stars are given the highest respect.Like all the young kids I was (on a lighter note: eating,sleeping,playing) cricket.Like the trolls and memes goes,a kid in sub-continent region thinks of becoming a cricketer at least one time in their life.I was brought up with the same surroundings.

So the first time I remember watching cricket was in 1999 and I remember watching it just after coming from school.At first I did not even understand how the score is calculated.When I first saw the game on television I saw some numbers changing on the screen with every ball thrown.So I thought they count the numbers with every ball thrown (like in gully cricket we count runs with every ball touched).Actually the batsmen were taking singles and doubles in that over,which I came to know after my father explained me how the score was counted.I still remember that and laugh to myself how dumb I was.

This is my first blog and plan to write more and more with all the incidents that have taken place in my life from childhood.


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